District Governor Andy FitzGerald

Hello, my name is Andy (Anne) FitzGerald, and I am honored to be the current District Governor of District Q3.  I have been a member of Lions International for almost 32 years, Joining Lions Club of Holland Park in September 1991. I had previously been involved with the Girl Guide movement as a Brownie leader, Guide leader and subsequently a District Leader. In 1991, Brisbane hosted the first international Lions Convention in the Southern Hemisphere and I volunteered to help on the Parade of Nations.  Having had a very interesting time and making some new friends, I joined the club nearest to me and have not looked back.

I was born in Northern Ireland, moved to the South until I emigrated in 1974.  I was a qualified nurse with operating room experience and was able to get a job immediately.  I sadly retired early last year after 53 years of nursing. Thankfully my Lions involvement has increased so I really have not had time to miss hospital life too much.

What I like about Lions is the work we do in the community, As the saying goes – “Where the is a need, there is a Lion”. We have 5 main pillars that we support, Vision, Environment, Childhood Cancer, Hunger and Diabetes. Also 100% of all monies donated to Lions is returned to the community, we raise our own money for administration costs. We are very proud of this!

If you are learning about Lions for the first time, feel free to contact us for more information. You can help with a project or even come to a meeting to see if Lions is for you. You are under no obligation to join us. If it is not for you, you will still meet some very energetic people who may become friends!

Thank you for your time.

Andy FitzGerald