District Governor

My theme for this Lions year is ‘Outback to Ocean – Together as One’.

From the out-reaches of the Outback to the Oceans of the Pacific be that from Charleville our furthest Club out west to Bribie Island on the shores of Moreton Bay, we are one organisation working for the same cause, to serve our Communities and Lions in General.

There are some changes a foot as to how we must work towards protecting the future of Lions in Australia.

Even though we are celebrating seventy-five years of Lionism in Australia in September, we must not forget that Lions need to look to the future, to survive.

Will Lions in Australia be here in 2047 our 100th year? That is the question we all need to focus on. Growth means staying alive, does it mean more members, new Clubs, new ideas, accepting change, for the past is the past and that is our history, the future is the important aspect of our commitment to serving our community and Lions

Always remember:

Lion Graeme Emery